Biblical Thought: Who gives us the good things we see in Guatemala such as delicious fruits that come all the way to the US such as bananas and mangoes?

Bible Verse:


Psalms 85:12 The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.


Salmos 85:12 El Señor dará lo que es bueno, y nuestra tierra dará su fruto.


  • Ceiba – Kapok tree
  • Pino – pine tree
  • Piña – pinecone or pineapple (which is also called ananás)
  • Hojas – leaves
  • Aguja – needle
  • Banano – banana
  • Guayaba – guava
  • Quetzal – quetzal bird
  • Quetzal – Guatemalan currency
  • Cola – Tail
  • Serpiente – Serpent
  • Mono – monkey

Video we will watch:

Red howler monkeys

Songs the teacher might sing:

My God is so great/Mi Dios es tan grande 

Alabad a Jehova/Praise Jehova


Suggested activities:

Guatemalan flag puzzle and information