Biblical Thought: Who made us in such a way that we can make music?

Bible Verse:


Psalms 85:12 The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.


Salmos 85:12 El Señor dará lo que es bueno, y nuestra tierra dará su fruto.


  • Música – music
  • La marimba – the marimba
  • Instrumento musical – musical instrument
  • Madera – wood
  • Palitos – sticks
  • Mazas – mallets
  • Tocar (un instrumento) – play (an instrument)
  • Simbolo nacional – national symbol
  • Monumento – monument

Videos we will watch:

 Songs the teacher might sing:


Suggested activities:

For older kids: Game and information on Guatemala’s national symbols

For younger kids: Color a marimba–the national instrument of Guatemala