Biblical Thought: Who made us in such a way that we can make music?

Bible Verse


Psalms 85:12 The Lord will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.


Salmos 85:12 El Señor dará lo que es bueno, y nuestra tierra dará su fruto.


  • Cultura Maya – Mayan culture
  • Alimentos – food (comida is also food but can also refer to a meal)
  • Maíz – maize, corn
  • Calabaza – pumpkin, squash, and other members of this family
  • Frijoles/habichuelas – beans
  • Juego de pelota – ballgame
  • Calendario – calendar
  • Glifos – glyphs
  • Pirámide – pyramid

Videos we will watch

Mayan weaver/Tejedora maya (first 2 min).

Mayan flyers/Palo volador (first 30 seconds)

 Songs the teacher might sing

Cristo ama a los niños/Jesus loves the little children  

Alabad a Jehová porque Él es bueno/Praise Jehovah for He is good


Suggested activities

For younger kids: Color the Mayan ball player (from Mayan art)

For older kids: Booklet on Guatemala/Librito de Guatemala

Also for older kids: Maya culture–circle the item