Biblical Thought: Who made the animals and plants of México?

Bible Verse


Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


Salmos 126:3 Grandes cosas hizo el Señor por nosotros por eso estamos alegres.


  • Coche/carro – car
  • Bosque – forest
  • Mariposa – butterfly
  • Colibrí – hummingbird
  • Alas – wings
  • Cacomistle – small mammal 
  • Desierto – desert
  • Arena – sand
  • Serpiente – serpent
  • Tortuga – turtle

Videos we will watch

Migration of Monarch Butterflies to México


Songs the teacher might sing:

Touch your head/Toca tu cabeza

Song of Huga the turtle/Canción de la tortuga Huga

Tic tuc song/Canción Tic tuc


Suggested activities

For big kids: The butterfly cycle/El ciclo de la mariposa and read about it for the monarch butterflies here

For all: Coffee filter butterfly/Mariposa con filtros de café