Biblical Thought: Who gives us the musical abilities we see in Mexico and the talent for those beautiful clothes?

Bible Verse


Psalm 126:3 The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.


Salmos 126:3 Grandes cosas hizo el Señor por nosotros por eso estamos alegres.


  1. Música – music
  2. Mariachi – Mexican band
  3. Instrumentos musicales – musical instruments
  4. Baile – dance
  5. Camisa – shirt
  6. Pantalón – pants
  7. Chaqueta – jacket
  8. Corbatín – a tie that is a cross between a bowtie and an ascot
  9. Botas – boots
  10. Vestido – dress
  11. Falda – skirt
  12. Blusa – blouse
  13. Bordar – to embroider
Videos we will watch:

Mariachis playing instruments and singing/Mariachis tocando y cantando (1 min)

Folkloric dance/Baile folklórico de México (30 sec)

How to embroider like in Mexico/Como hacer el punto bordado (30 sec)

Songs the teacher might sing:

The flea market of San Jose/La pulga de San José

Over the bridge of Avignon/Sobre el Puente de Avignon 

Piñata song/Canción para darle a la piñata

Suggested activity For all: Paper Bag Piñata 

a paper bag pinata made with blue, green, yellow, orange, purple and red paper