Biblical Thought: Who made the wonderful places we see in Venezuela?

Bible Verse:

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Génesis 1:1  En el principio Dios creó  los cielos y la tierra. 

Song with the Bible verse


Dios padre – Father God

País Venezuela – Venezuela Country 

Costa- coast

Desierto – desert

Selva – jungle

Nieve – snow


Isla Margarita- Margarita Island

Montañas – Mountains

Playas -Beaches

Rios – Rivers

Islas – Islands

Videos we will watch:

Places to visit in Venezuela (starting at 17 seconds and ending at 2:40) 

Another video you might want to see dedicated to different climatic zones in Venezuela

Songs the teacher might sing:

I want to make a kite

God created


Suggested home activities: 

For older and younger kids: Small Flip Book About Venezuela