Exploring God’s World: Spanish for Beginners

This course is specifically designed for kids with limited or no prior Spanish experience. Together we will explore how God made us and the world around us – we see His handiwork everywhere! Each theme lasts for multiple weeks to allow for greater repetition of vocabulary and phrases. Examples of themes: God made the world […]

Hands-on Spanish: Intermediate/Advanced Level Spanish

This is a project-based course designed for intermediate to advanced-level students who already have a foundation in Spanish. Projects last from two to four weeks and teach students to think critically, developing the skill of seeing God as Creator and Author of all. General themes are personalized and made relevant to each student as they […]

Adult Spanish Classes in the Gospel of John

Join us for a group Spanish class created specifically for adults! Class meets for 10 weeks (weeks of Sept 12 – Nov 14). We will learn useful Spanish vocabulary and phrases as we study the Gospel of John together. Registration is for the entire 10 class series – come every week or whenever you can.

Beginner’s Mandarin Course: Mandarin 101

This course is specifically designed for kids with limited or no prior Mandarin experience. Using a natural mix of English and Mandarin, kids learn to pronounce words and recognize Chinese characters simultaneously. Frequent rewards and repetition through games gives kids a sense of success from the very first class. Examples of vocabulary covered: greetings, numbers, […]