Mandarin Classes

Beginner classes designed to build confidence for kids ages 3 to 10

Mandarin Classes

Beginner classes designed to build confidence for kids ages 3 to 10

Start your child's journey to speaking Mandarin Chinese today!

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Private Mandarin Classes

$24 per class

$24 $20 per SPRING class through Dec 1

  • 25 minutes of private, personalized instruction via Zoom
  • Maximize speaking time, minimize distractions
  • Complete scheduling flexibility: start & stop anytime

We are experiencing technical issues with our class scheduling system and are working to resolve them as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please contact to book your classes. Thank you for your patience!

Beginner’s Conversational Mandarin

  • This course is specifically designed for kids with limited or no prior Mandarin experience.
  • This course covers common topics of conversation in Mandarin, such as what you would say while out shopping, at a restaurant, or while traveling. We emphasize vocabulary and phrases that are used in real life!
  • Using a natural mix of English and Mandarin, kids learn to pronounce words and recognize Chinese characters simultaneously.
  • Frequent rewards and repetition through games gives kids a sense of success from the very first class.
  • Classes are 25 minutes long via Zoom and include games, songs, and review videos with pronunciations to reinforce learning outside of class.
Beginner's conversational Mandarin

Meet our Chinese Teacher

These lovely teachers have fervent hearts for the Lord and a shared passion for imparting their language and culture to students. Learn more about them in their bios below!

Yen-Li (Claire) Sun

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Mana Tian

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Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

  • Language is all about connection and community.
  • Particularly with Chinese, the language and culture are inextricably tied together. Teaching a child Mandarin Chinese enables them to connect to Chinese culture as well. What a beautiful gift, especially for families who have Mandarin-speaking grandparents or extended family.
  • Engage your local community well: just after Spanish, Chinese is the second most common non-English language in the United States. There are most certainly Mandarin speakers in your local community.

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How does KOM teach Chinese?

With a natural combination of English and Mandarin: Teachers use English to scaffold learning and give kids a sense of success and accomplishment even after the very first class. As the child’s language level increases, more Mandarin and less English is spoken in class.

KOM supports whole-family learning: Resources that correspond to each week’s classes are provided so that families can continue learning together outside of class time.

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