Maestra Violeta

VioletaMy name is Violeta Cabrera. I am from Venezuela. I am the mother of two students at Charleston Bilingual Academy. In my home country, I was an attorney. I joined the CBA staff last year and I love seeing children enjoy learning while we teach in an atmosphere of conversation and play.

I am passionate about bilingualism and sharing my language and culture with children. Since I started my classes at KOM, I have been moved by the enthusiasm and interest that children show in the experience of new things, and by their achievements in learning another language through healthy interactions on a virtual platform. I believe that KOM is opening doors to provide a great opportunity for children to learn other languages ​​and cultures founded on the great love of God.

Maestra Violeta is kind, energetic and fun-loving. She knows the content of the class well and navigates online learning very well. We love Maestra Violeta!

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