Meet Maestra Priscila

Meet Maestra Priscila

  • Native speaker from Peru
  • B.S. in Business Engineering
  • Many years of experience working with children in Sunday School


I am Priscila Norabuena, and I was born and raised in Perú. My country is wonderful: it is full of amazing places like Cuzco, Machu Picchu’s city. Here we have several natural  wonders such as lakes, woods, mountains, volcanos, huge waterfalls, really long rivers  and a bunch of wild animals all over the coast, highlands, and the jungle of Perú. And of  course there are a lot of people with different cultures but all of them are friendly, warm and lovely.

In Perú I have worked with children for several years as a Sunday school teacher. This  experience is the most valuable gift God has ever given me. I have learned how great God’s love can be to families through a child’s heart. As my second language is English, I have taught English to kids of all ages in Perú as well. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering, which has given me great knowledge of management and organization. I have been able to apply these skills to many areas of my life personally, at church, and as a teacher.

I really believe that learning languages can break cultural barriers and make people recognize each other as brothers and sisters in Christ who are part of the same world and part of the same plan of love that God has for all of us. 

The Kids on Mission program is an amazing blessing that allows students to have a language learning experience via cultural exchange and native speakers teaching. If you join our classes now, you will learn how to reach the furthest countries or cultures with no borders or language barriers, just like God’s love does. Let’s start this adventure together!

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