Meet Teacher Mana

  • Native speaker from China with an incredible testimony!
  • Masters in Teaching
  • Teaches Sunday School online


你好(Hello), my name is Mana Tian. I was born and raised in a beautiful city in Eastern China called Nanjing. I lived there with my family until I went to college to study for my bachelor’s degree in education in Saipan. I also received a Master of Arts in Teaching from Columbia International University. I enjoy reading my Bible, spending time with the Lord, learning new cultures and languages, cooking, traveling, and making new friends!

With a native language in Mandarin, I derive great enthusiasm from seeing God’s love in Chinese characters. This character 義 means “righteousness.” The top half of the character is 羊 which means “Lamb,” and the bottom half of the character is 我 which means “I.” As Christians, we believe that Jesus the Lamb died for me. He is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world. This character 義 itself tells us just that!  

I want to contribute my Mandarin knowledge and passion to help more students who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture. I’d love to see you in my class!