Mandarin Classes

Mandarin Classes

Beginner classes designed to build confidence

Mandarin Classes

Beginner classes designed to build confidence

Private Mandarin classes are available 4-6pm (EST) Monday-Friday beginning March 14

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As low as $20/class

Private Mandarin Classes

Two Credits

Two Credits per Class

  • 25 minutes of private, personalized instruction
  • Maximize speaking time, minimize distractions
  • Complete scheduling flexibility: start & stop anytime

Why learn Mandarin Chinese?

Language is all about connection and community.

  • Particularly with Chinese, the language and culture are inextricably tied together. Teaching a child Mandarin Chinese enables them to connect to Chinese culture as well. What a beautiful gift, especially for families who have Mandarin-speaking grandparents or extended family.
  • Engage your local community well: just after Spanish, Chinese is the second most common non-English language in the United States. There are most certainly Mandarin speakers in your local community.

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How does KOM teach Mandarin?

With a natural combination of English and Mandarin: Teachers use English to scaffold learning and give kids a sense of success and accomplishment even after the very first class. As the child’s language level increases, more Mandarin and less English is spoken in class.

KOM supports whole-family learning: Resources that correspond to each week’s classes are provided so that families can continue learning together outside of class time.

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