Spanish Classes

Spanish Classes

Immersive, interactive classes for kids ages 3 to 10

Spanish Classes

Immersive, interactive classes for kids
ages 3 to 10

Two great ways to learn Spanish:

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Private Spanish Classes

$24 per class

  • 25 minutes of private, personalized instruction
  • Maximize speaking time, minimize distractions
  • Complete scheduling flexibility: start & stop anytime
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Group Class

Small Group Spanish Classes

$12 per class

  • 25 minute group classes with two to four students 
  • Classes offered by age and language level
  • Multiple times of day offered

Join us for our Spanish-Immersion Summer Camp!

6 weeks of Spanish classes with an optional prize box to make learning even more fun!

  • Packed with toys and crafts that correspond to our lessons. The kids LOVE it!
  • Free local pickup at CBA or we can ship it to you (USPS flat rate)

The Great Missions Adventure: Loving the Nations

June 13 – July 28 (one week break July 4-7)

Learn Spanish and explore the world virtually with us this summer. Our theme is “The Great Missions Adventure: Loving the Nations.”

Over the six-week virtual camp, students ages 3 to 10 will learn what it means to be “on mission for Jesus” right where they are now. They will also study minority people groups on four different continents.

More than just learning facts and Spanish vocabulary, the biggest takeaway we pray for students is genuine love and empathy for other peoples and cultures.

A great down-time activity in the heat of the day, students can connect with friends or relatives in our small group classes.

As we inspire our students’ hearts for the nations, we hope that the whole family can get involved! Resources and specific ways to pray will be provided with every course registration to continue the learning outside of class.

Spanish Classes for KOM School Year 2021 – 2022: The KOM Time Machine

Our theme for this school year is “The KOM Time Machine,” where we will go back in time to explore Bible stories and how life used to look in the past (a few examples: how people used to cook, how they had to travel, historic machinery on farms and musical instruments through the ages).

It’s going to be a fascinating year that will expose your child to a variety of vocabulary and above all, the beautiful story of God’s love for us, as seen through every story in the Bible.

See all available class times in our flexible scheduling system:

Why learn Spanish?

Language is all about connection and community.

  • Connect with family members and friends in their native language: the ultimate act of love. Part of knowing a person fully is understanding their mother tongue.
  • Engage your local community well: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the US, with nearly 42 million speakers. Opportunities to grow relationships, love, and serve local Spanish-speakers exist right in your city.
  • Impact the world: Spanish has the second most native speakers in the world, right behind Mandarin Chinese! Spanish is truly a global language, and speaking it opens opportunities for careers, travel, and service.

How does KOM teach Spanish?

By immersion: children learn Spanish the same way that native speakers do: through context, play, and consistency. There are thousands of words that are similar between English and Spanish, which makes learning even easier!

KOM supports whole-family learning: Resources that correspond to each week’s classes are provided so that families can continue learning together outside of class time.

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